Boards and Committees

With an ever increasing need for independent and impartial members on the boards and committees of REITs and other property investment groups, my extensive qualifications and over 25 years experience in REIT management , property investment and property valuation provide an objective and informed contribution to board and committee deliberations.

Subject to there being no conflict of interest with my current director and committee member commitments, I may be available to undertake the following roles:

Independent Director
Being appropriate for those REITs or property investment groups where I provide no other services and so offer independence and impartiality.

Non-Executive Director
Being appropriate for those REITs or property investment groups where I provide committee, consulting or other services.

Investment Committee
My practical experience over 25 years together with my extensive research into property investment decision making provide a pragmatic and outcome focused contribution to the work of an investment committee within a REIT or property investment group.

Compliance Committee
Independent members of a compliance committee provide tangible evidence of commitment by a REIT or property investment group to the integrity and rigour of risk management processes


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